Green Factory


PT. Dharma Putra Sejahtera Abadi (formerly CV. Dharma Putra Mandiri) has commited to a green factory concept. Green factory concept is intended to support an environmentally friendly factory. Embodiments of the concept of green factory seen from the Workshop, Showroom and Office which are made of brick, with lots of windows, so that the  atmosphere becomes more fresh because of PT. Dharma Putra Sejahtera Abadi located in an area that is still green, and lush.


Light is also adequately met from the sun which can illuminate any room in the part of the building. In addition, also planted trees and ornamental plants that shade, along the garden area located in the front area of the showroom, the middle area of workshop and office.


Things were done by PT. Dharma Putra Sejahtera Abadi to realize a green factory, as follows :

  • Do not turn the lights on in the morning and during the day, unless there is specific condition
  • Always utilizing residual material production, with recycled or reprocessed, such as :
  1. Sawdust will be used for burning oven
  2. Old furniture recycled to be new
  3. Former papers used for internal purposes
  4. Minimizing the use of paper
  • Planting plants around the showroom and factory area
  • Efficient use of water and always turn off the water tap, after use